This page is to help you understand how I deal with trades and sales.

1) I am currently a member of (BO), (CCW), (TCC), (FCB), (SCF), (NSCF) and Trading Bases.  

    BO - Blowout and is a www members only trading club.

    CCW - The CardBoard Connection and is a www members only trading club.

    TCC - Trading Card Central and is a www members only trading club.

    FCB - Freedom Cardboard and is a www members only trading club.

    SCF - Sports Card Forum and is a www members only trading club.

    NSCF - Non-Sports Card Forum and is a www members only club  (Now part of SCF)

    Trading Bases is a www members only trading club.

2) Please, on all cards that you buy from me, please consider insurance. Postal insurance is currently available at the following prices.  Effective (01/27/2019)                           

$0.00 - $50.00 is $2.20  (Free with Priority Parcel rates)

$50.01 - $100.00 is $2.80

$100.01 - $200.00 is $3.50

$200.01 - $300.00 is $4.60

$300.01 - $400.00 is $5.80

If you ever need more coverage, I have the current Postal rates.  These rates are RETAIL rates. 

Current Postage rates for first class letter mail (Effective 01/27/2019)   

0.1 - 1.0 ounces - $.55

1.1 - 2.0 ounces - $.70  (This is also the proper postage for a single card sent in a PWE with top loader)

2.1 - 3.0 ounces - $.85

3.1 - 3.5 ounces - $1.00

any letter heavier than 3.6 ounces must be sent via large envelope or first class package rate.

Current Postage rates for large envelope mail (most bubble mailers fit into this class as long as the thickness is less than 3/4 of an inch)

0.1 - 1.0 ounces - $1.00

1.1 - 2.0 ounces - $1.15

2.1 - 3.0 ounces - $1.30

3.1 - 4.0 ounces - $1.45

4.1 - 5.0 ounces - $1.60

add $.15 for each additional ounce.  Bubble mailers must be less than 3/4 inch thick or they must be sent via first class package rate.

Current Postage rates for first class parcels (includes bubble mailers that are over 3/4 inch thick)  Paypal shipping for 1st class parcels is usually a little bit cheaper.

Please note:  USPS has gone to using zone rates for all classes of parcels.  Refer to USPS website for pricing.

Using Paypal shipping services, 1st class parcel rate applies up to 16 ounces.

Delivery confirmation is free for 1st class & priority parcels when postage is purchase on-line.

3) I accept all forms of Paypal payments. 

International Buyers - Note that I will accept regular Paypal payments up to $25.00.  Above that, I will only accept Paypal Friends & Family.  Due to a few bad international buyers, I am reduced to this policy.

4) Cash and Money orders (Can accept US, Canadian and Japanese Postal Money orders only) are preferred.  All will be mailed off the next day.  Checks are welcomed but are subject to being held until they clear.  Those who I have dealt with in the past or are in good standing with a trading group I am part of,  I will gladly treat your checks as cash.  All others may be held until they clear my bank.  Usually 3-5 days.

5) I also will accept a Cash/Trade deal.  This works especially for those who don't have enough cash to purchase all of the cards they want.  How it works.  Let's say you want $75 SV in cards from my site but only have $15 cash.  Simply double the cash amount ($30) and you will then need to send me $45 SV in cards to make the deal.  

6) I usually pay postage on all orders over $50.00.  Only exceptions are cases where sets or a lot of base cards are involved.  In cases where a lot of base cards or sets are involved, I might or might not help split costs on postage.  Larger orders I usually do. 

7) This disclaimer states that I am not responsible for lost or damaged mail.  Anyone who buys cards from me and doesn't get insurance is taking a risk.  I will not refund any money to anyone if any merchandise is lost or damaged by the postal service.  Lots of 5 or more cards are usually mailed by bubble mailers as are expensive single cards.  When trading, if our trade involves a large dollar amount, I will get insurance for the cards I am sending you.  Please do the same at your end to cover yourself.

8) Trading, I do trade a lot.  I always send the next day after a trade as been agreed upon, or same day as other trader, if a certain date has been agreed upon.  Most trade packages I do get a tracking number for, so if I don't give you one, please ask for it.  Traders/collectors that I have never dealt with before I usually will have send first.  Then once I receive the cards, I will then send my end out.  Once successful trades have been completed, then new traders become trusted traders and I will always send after a trade has been agreed upon.

9) You can search each page of my website for certain players by using the find feature in your web browser.  Opera and Firefox especially.  Go to "Edit", then use the"Find" feature.  Type in the players name and all of that players cards will be highlighted so you can quickly find them.  You must reuse this feature on each page you visit on my site.

10) Tips on avoiding your mail from being stolen, lost or damaged by Postal machinery.  When sending payment to someone, ALWAYS send payment in a security envelope.  Also, wrap a sheet of paper around your payment.  Whether your payment is cash or money order, this will make it hard for a thief in the Postal Service from determining what is inside the letter.  Also, Money orders are traceable, so keep this in mind.  When sending a single card through the mail, also use a security envelope.  Again, this makes it hard for the person who is holding your letter up to a light source from seeing exactly what is inside.  ALWAYS put a piece of tape over the top of the toploader.  Fold one end of the tape as this will make it easier for the person receiving the card to remove the tape.   This prevents the card from sliding out and being damaged.  It is also a good idea to tape the top loader to the inside of the envelope.  This prevents the top loader from sliding.  Sliding can eventually produce a rip or tear in the envelope which intern allows the toploader a chance to slide out of the envelope.  Believe it or not, many cards are lost this way.  Coins are also lost this way.  Put coins in a sealed top loader to avoid sliding.  Another reason to tape the card on the inside of the envelope is if your envelope gets ripped or torn in the Postal machinery, the toploader will stay with the envelope not becoming separated. This could allow the Post Office to salvage what's left and deliver the remains.  This could help avoid someone from claiming the other party never sent.   When using bubble mailers, don't depend on the self stick seal that the bubble provides.  They can become unsealed if not originally sealed properly.  Always use packing tape to help secure the bubble mailer.  Also, when mailing any cards in an envelope (PWE), DO NOT drop it in your mailbox.  This will increase the chance that your envelope will be processed by the DPS (Delivery Point Sequence) machines.  Even if you put "do not bend" on the envelope, it still has a good chance of going through these machines.  All mail that your carrier takes back to the office is "dumped" into a hamper.  Always take the envelopes to the Post Office and have them "Hand Cancelled".  These envelopes WILL NOT be processed by any machines thus reducing the chance for lost or damaged mail.   Multiple cards can also be placed in team bags before being placed in bubble envelopes.  When sending cards in 25/50/100 count plastic boxes, always fill the box so the cards do not slide around.  If sending 40 cards in a 50 count plastic box, use filler cards (commons) to fill the box completely so when you close it, everything is tight.  Gently shake the box to see if any movement.  If there is, put more cards in.  You can also use peanuts, folded paper, or pieces of bubble wrap to fill the plastic box.  When in transit, if the cards are moving around in the plastic boxes, corners will be damaged.

11) Any and all comments or suggestions are appreciated and listened to no matter how positive or negative.  Below are some of the comments I have received about my site.

I must compliment you on your site... huge, organized, good stuff!   I saw your disclaimer and tips page and again compliment you on the completeness.


Your website is very helpful and easy to use. You did a good job on it. I will probably refer to it a lot and I will let you know if I find anything I am interested in. thanx!


Hi William--I have been checking out your website--very well done!  I often try to impress on traders the importance of proper mailing techniques and your trading policy... section spells it out as clearly as I have ever seen it.


A kid in a candy shop. That is what I felt like going through your website. Truly awesome selection. I also liked your rules section. Straight and to the point.


Great site, by the way. It was like I was at a very organized card shop, which I think can only exist online. It was pretty fun to CTRL+F my way to my various wants. It was like playing the slots. Great job.