This page is provided to those who wish to check my references.  Since 1998, I have traded thousands of times.  Many trades/sales that I have done have been with trading groups.  I no longer list individual references below because of time constraints.  Best way is to hit the links next to each forum below to see my rating.  Each rating is 100% positive and I do my best to keep it that way.

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BEWARE of these bad traders/buyers! - First name is Dustan.  Very immature trader.  Makes ridiculous trade offers (got upset because I wouldn't trade a $75 Mcgrady rookie for a bunch of $4 and $5 Olajuwon's), packaged cards very poorly, then cussed me out for not keeping the damaged cards and sending him $180 in rookies.  Kept $50 of undamaged cards and sent him $50 in rookies.  Likes to curse alot! - Vince Lackey - Claims he never received a $218.76 order and didn't purchase insurance (but received a second smaller order).  Then threatened to file a Paypal claim.  I reluctantly refunded back 1/2 of the amount even though he never purchased insurance.  He might be honest, but he possibly knew that since he payed via a credit card, I would most likely have to refund him.  If he buys from you, always ship his order with insurance!!!!                        

341 NW Valley View Drive
Grants Pass, OR 97526 - Curtis Christlieb - I was able to complete 2 trades with him, but both times, had to wait 2 weeks for cards to arrive.  Has been banned from Blowout Forums & Trading Bases Club.  Beware as several Trading Bases members complained of cursing and 1 who even complained he never sent cards that were agreed upon in a trade.  Different cards were sent and as a result, monetary loss.

2515 West Grand Avenue
Alhambra, Ca  91801-1632

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